Your Future Ultimate Taplist

Threshold Brewing & Blending

Spring is here! There’s nothing more energizing than some warmth and sunshine after a record-drenching Portland winter. All of that indoor time turned out to be a good thing for Threshold Brewing & Blending though – we’ve been touting our business plan around town as we meet with financers, investors, contacts in the brewing industry and potential landlords. It’s been a busy 2017 so far! We haven’t signed a lease yet but it’s looking likely in the very near future…won’t that be a fun blog post!

To tide you over, here’s a breakdown of the delicious brews Threshold will be tapping following that glorious opening day.

The Regulars!

We will regularly feature six beers on tap: a pale ale, an IPA, a double IPA, a farmhouse ale, an imperial stout and a seasonal rotating beer. We will specifically focus on smoothness and a fruity hop aroma in the hoppy beers. Bitterness will also be lower than what has often been the norm here in the NW. Our farmhouse ale is fresh and brightly flavored with aromatic hops and a tartness from wild yeast and hop interaction. Our stout is rich and chocolatey with plenty of warming potential. We will also produce variants with fruit or spices aged in barrels. For the seasonal rotating beer we will initially try out different products and settle on a regular schedule after a little experimentation. At that point we will rotate that tap each quarter to a different beer inspired by the season. In addition to our six “regular” beers, we will offer a finely-curated selection of wine, cider and guest beers as well as our aged and blended beers as they are ready to share.

The Cellar!

Right away, specialty beers for cellaring and blending will be built into the brewing schedule which will age for months or years while we tend to them. We will cellar brett and other mixed cultures beers, including saison, plum imperial stout, smoked barleywine, sour Belgian-style quad and many more styles for the curious beer drinker, with an appeal to wine and cider lovers alike. The goal is drinkability, or digestibility as many Belgian brewers say.

Is your mouth watering yet? We hope so!

On behalf of Threshold Brewing & Blending, we thank you for your support and enthusiasm and wish you many patio-filled days of impeccable beer drinking these next couple of months.


-Threshold Brewing & Blending Team

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