Shiny new logo + ETA’s and insider tastings

Threshold beers taste good

If Threshold was pouring, it would look like this

It’s not news that the craft beer movement has exploded over the past ten years, and not just in Portland. So what does that mean for new and future breweries? Higher standards, obviously; stiff competition; and, from a marketing standpoint, an increasingly smaller pool of brewery names and url’s to draw from. Suffice it to say, Threshold Brewing & Blending was not the first name we came up with and Googled with crossed fingers! The name has proven, though, to be worthy of the brewery and beer it represents. Threshold signifies the start of something new and marked: the marriage of traditional brewing styles with innovative recipes and expertly blended aged beers to achieve a level of finesse with every sip.

While a great name, Threshold Brewing & Blending really came to life when graphic designer Dave Biles collaborated with us to create the newly minted TBB logo. We hope you like it as much as we do and we look forward to hosting a few insiders-only tasting events between now and the official opening day. And when, you ask, might that be? First, imagine your dream opening date in your head. Then add anywhere from 1 to 12+ months. It’ll be right around then.

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