Montavilla, here we come!

Future Threshold Brewing Space

It’s official – Threshold Brewing & Blending has a physical location! This month we signed the lease for a great space in what was our first choice of neighborhoods: our own Montavilla.

The Threshold Team has been living in Montavilla for almost a decade now, making great friends and neighbors along the way. We’ve enjoyed supporting our local businesses and cheering as new ones open shop and flourish. We couldn’t be more excited to enter the Montavilla business community and continue our support using new avenues.

The brewery space itself is ideal for what we have planned: a good-sized brewing system with room for growth, as well as barrel-aging space and a welcoming taproom with outdoor seating. We’re working with the best in the biz to build it out into a place you can call your own. We want Threshold to be a space where everyone is welcome, where people can relax, chat, socialize and enjoy a glass of excellent beer.

Until then, we look forward to continuing to bring you updates on our progress, and as we get closer to opening day (planned for mid-2018) we’ll be announcing some sneak-peak tastings and previews. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list and be the first to know about upcoming events.


Threshold Brewing & Blending Team
Friday, July 28, 2017