Montavilla, here we come!

It’s official – Threshold Brewing & Blending has a physical location! This month we signed the lease for a great space in what was our first choice of neighborhoods: our own Montavilla. The Threshold Team has been living in Montavilla for almost a decade now, making great friends and neighbors along the way. We’ve enjoyed supporting our … [Read more…]

Your Future Ultimate Taplist

Spring is here! There’s nothing more energizing than some warmth and sunshine after a record-drenching Portland winter. All of that indoor time turned out to be a good thing for Threshold Brewing & Blending though – we’ve been touting our business plan around town as we meet with financers, investors, contacts in the brewing industry … [Read more…]

First Draft of Business Plan Complete!

With the start of the New Year, Threshold Brewing & Blending has hit the ground running! We’re in the process of scouting out the perfect location that will allow us to brew, grow our blending program, and bring the best beer to the most people. The neighborhoods of East Glisan, Montavilla, North Tabor and Foster/Powell … [Read more…]

2017 needs more of this Threshold IPA

A perfect balance between tropical fruit and old school dank/piney flavor and aroma. Threshold Brewing & Blending is the result of head brewers Jarek Szymanski and David Fuller’s combined passion for superb IPA’s, with our without funk. The barrel-aged brews are worth the wait but when it comes to a delicious and fresh IPA, Threshold … [Read more…]

Shiny new logo + ETA’s and insider tastings

It’s not news that the craft beer movement has exploded over the past ten years, and not just in Portland. So what does that mean for new and future breweries? Higher standards, obviously; stiff competition; and, from a marketing standpoint, an increasingly smaller pool of brewery names and url’s to draw from. Suffice it to … [Read more…]